Educational Consulting
Diane McLeod Delaney, Ed.D.
   Diane McLeod Delaney was awarded a doctoral degree in Education with a specialization in Special Education and the Administration of Educational Programs from Teachers College, Columbia University in 1989.  She holds a Master of Education degree in Special Education from Lesley College in Cambridge, Massachusetts and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Wheaton College, also in Massachusetts.
   Most recently, Dr. Delaney worked as a consultant to the Darien Public Schools where her responsibilities as a Parent Consultant/Behavioral Specialist included  student evaluation, program design and direct and indirect instruction in school, home and community settings.  She developed the design proposal for the current service delivery model of the Early Learning Program and facilitated informational sessions for the parents of preschool children with disabilities on a variety of topics such as Literature and Language Development, Behavior Management, and Teaching Socialization Skills.
    While at Columbia, Dr. Delaney worked in several professional capacities:  Administrative Assistant to the Chairman of the Department of Special Education, Teaching Assistant in Early Childhood Assessment and Clinic Supervisor/Instructor of Assessment practices for the Child Study Center.  Her teaching experience encompasses working with children with a wide range of ages, abilities and disabilities, including children with learning disabilities, autism, intellectual disabilities and emotional/behavioral disorders.  Dr. Delaney has worked with children in both public and private school settings and in a range of service delivery models, from those which are fully inclusive, to those that are more restrictive in nature and include residential placements.

     Dr. Delaney is currently certified as a Special Education Teacher in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York and additionally holds a School District Administrator Certificate from the University of the State of New York.  Most importantly, she is the mother of three, now adult, children with varied educational experiences.
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